West Indian Parade

September 16, 2010

I truly, truly love the West Indian Day Parade. For me, its a celebration of culture, the gift that Africa has given to the world. I also admire how Carribean people deal with body image, they seem to have a much healthier outlook on things than most of the rest of us. I love the fact that EVERYONE on the parkway is considered beautiful and sexy, not just the skinny, Beyonce-look-alikes. Given how harsh beauty messages are for women (and women of color in particular) the fact that people can show up and feel good about themselves is a major victory every time. So, I salute the Parade and it’s spirit of victory as they go chippin’ down the road, whinnin’ on some poor soul. (I also secretly think that the cops who escort the floats love to revel in that attention just a little bit. How would you NOT!!)