The Family that Fights together!!

April 25, 2015

So I just spent the week with my nephew and his new Wii U game. What an education its been! Seriously, I wonder who I would have become had I not grown up in such a low-tech environment you know? I mean, this kid is eight and he literally RAVISHES technology, like eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean, technology is great, and I do my fair share, but this child is multi-lingual in this shit.

Anyway, so he created Miis for his parents and I and they’re just so adorable. As he was fighting for his life, doing flying spins and balls of fire whizzing past his virtual little head, he explained how things were going, how my seemingly high score meant i was about to die a horrid, terrifying death, and didn’t even skip a beat.

It made me think about us as a family, really actually fighting together, delivering deadly blows and warding off ninjas (or other types of bad guys.) It was a powerful thought, and I love that this is his model of “The Avengers” for now. Hopefully it stays that way for a while.

Here’s our avenging family portrait!

Viva Technologia!