The Cubana Chronicles: Sunday January 22, 2012

May 2, 2012

Si Cuba!

La Virgin Caridad de Cobre

Cuba! What a long day, and yet I can feel the enthusiasm peeping out bit by bit. Fighting a cold for real…or maybe I’m losing the fight and need to surrender and just have a cold already? That’s pretty much the case right now.

So I’m living at Casa Vera in Vedado…beautiful colonial house with a beautiful Afro-Cuban woman named Aleida who doesn’t speak a lick of English and isn’t really interested in it either which is just fine. I mean, its her country dammit.

Her patron saint is Oshun…I forget the Cuban equivalent…the saint of cobalt or something. (I looked it up: it’s The Saint of La Caridad de Cobre.) How amazing is that? I decided Oshun was my orisha years ago when I took an Afro-Cuban dance class. That means something to me. I should put something down for her to say thank you for bringing me home. This is perfect, I can already feel that I’m going to stretch and grow and get so much stronger.

I love that all the women working at the airport wear fishnet stockings and their uniforms are all miniskirts. Very sexy, very Cuban, very “you got a problem with this??!!” Love it. The lady at security check said my figure looks Cuban and she made the “figure 8” gesture. Such a great compliment!

Alright, first order of business, looking after self. Getting rest tonight.