Restless in Brooklyn…

May 1, 2011

April is always such a hectic month in New York with all the big film festivals and networking parties. Who knew networking is so much work?! Aside from all the meeting and greeting, then you have to take cards, follow up, come up with witty and memorable things to say…eish! Anyway, May is the start of a number of film deadlines (Sundance, IFP) going into June and not to mention my birthday! Seriously, I truly forget how old I am these days. I guess that means I’m getting old.

Anyway, sitting at the dining room table tackling about 16 projects all at the same time, my to-do list only gets longer. Is this a New York thing or is everyone in this business always so cramped? Will it be this way always I wonder?

Here’s to trusting that the Universe will step in and do its thing as it normally does. I’m getting restless here Universe, don’t take too long.