Beware of the Sade!!

September 27, 2010

The day started off being super-shitty with a pinch of “punch you in the gut” today and I did the worst thing possible: put on some Sade.

Now, I actually know better than that. This has happened to me before. It usually starts out with good intentions, and before you know it you’re rummaging under your kitchen sink looking for anything that will set you on fire as soon as you down it by the gallon.

So this isn’t really a warning. Its more of a petition. I think we need to get the FDA or some other government body involved. In the same way that they put a label on cigarettes that they may kill you if you smoke them, there needs to be a label on all Sade music. It might throw you over the ledge if you listen, and especially if you’re savoring a side of “stab me in the face” at the same time. Very lethal combination.

I love you Sade but your shit is potent stuff. There should be a Parental Guidance warning at the very least…and right now listening to her I feel like I could use some Parental guidance of my own! Sheesh!

OK, now let me go download some more tracks on Amazon…